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Camshaft test bench

The camshaft test bench is used to test engine components, in particular the camshaft drive, for their friction performance and enables tests of individual parts or complete 6-cylinder engine blocks at various speeds up to 8000/15000 rpm, whereby torque and speed can be measured and controlled. The test bench has a 34 kW drive motor and an oil supply unit for temperature control, and the mounting plate is height-adjustable and complies with DIN 876, grade 3.

The test bench is used to investigate the influence of different design features of engine components, in particular the camshaft drive, on the frictional power of the engine. For this purpose, individual engine components (valve train, camshaft, crankshaft drive, etc.) are mounted on a test specimen holder and driven by an engine. Both individual parts and a complete 6-cylinder engine block can be assembled.

The torque is determined by means of a torque measuring shaft. The test specimen can be tested from an idling speed up to a drive speed of 8000/15000 rpm. The speed can be changed in manual mode directly via potentiometer or via four preselectable ramps. The final speed of 8000 or 15000 rpm is set by changing the belt drive. In automatic mode, a speed program can be specified by the computer. The measured speed and torque values can be evaluated and saved by the computer.

The power of the drive motor is 34 kW. The test stand includes an oil supply unit. It supplies the test specimen with oil at a temperature of 20 to 135 °C.

The camshaft test stand is controlled centrally via a control panel. The different test specimens can be mounted on the 400 mm height-adjustable mounting plate. The accuracy of the mounting plate corresponds to DIN 876, quality 3. The dimensions are 800 mm x 600 mm.