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End-of-line testing for electric power steering systems (EPS/EPAS)

The end-of-line test for EPS/EPAS steering gears ensures a 100% test, including functional and acoustic testing. Modern Klotz steering gear test benches enable precise computer-controlled function tests for mechanical and electromechanical steering gears. Integrated residual bus simulation (CAN/Flexray) and equipment with robust structures, load units, docking units for vehicle points, torque measurement and user-friendly operating console ensure the highest quality standards.
2008 until today

With the "End of line test"As an integral part of our assembly lines, we guarantee a 100% inspection of each individual steering gear. The focus of these end-of-line tests is not only on functional testing, but also on meticulous acoustic testing to ensure the highest quality standards.

The latest generation of Klotz steering gear test benches, developed from extensive practical experience and results from research and development, sets new standards in "end of line testing". These test benches enable precise computer-controlled functional tests on both mechanical and electromechanical steering gears in rack and pinion design. An integral part of our range is the implementation of the remaining bus simulation (CAN/Flexray), which enables comprehensive end-of-line testing.

Our test bay for final assembly, a core element of "end of line testing", typically consists of several self-sufficient test benches, each equipped with its own hydraulic unit for clamping functions.

The components of each Klotz "End of Line Test Bench" include:

  • A robust base frame and rack pinion drive.
  • Electromechanical or hydraulic loading units on both sides.
  • Docking units for the vehicle point on the left and right.
  • A drive unit for the input shaft with centering gripper and torque and angle sensors.
  • A special unit for docking the power and bus connection to the steering system.
  • A reliable protective device.
  • Control cabinet, PC and a user-friendly operating console.
  • Flexible and expandable test bench software that stores and processes all quality data centrally.


With this comprehensive equipment, we set new standards in "end-of-line testing" and thus guarantee the highest quality standards in your production

End of line test bench for electric power steering systems