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End-of-line testing for high-performance electric motors 

Special test benches for high-performance electric motors enable fully automatic set-up, contacting, leakage and performance tests and autonomous operation. They offer flashing, residual bus simulation, customer-specific software installation as well as vacuum and overpressure leakage tests. With robotic or manual loading, high flexibility and efficiency with cycle times under 20 seconds.
2008 until today


The automotive and industrial sectors are faced with the challenge of developing powerful and precise test methods for high-performance electric motors that are used, for example, in systems for power steering assistance, steer-by-wire, compressor technology or as pump drives. These motors must be tested efficiently, reliably and flexibly in order to meet the high quality standards and varying requirements of modern production.



In response to this challenge, KLOTZ GmbH presents its fully automated end-of-line (EOL) test bench technology for power packs. These test benches are specially designed for end-of-line testing of high-performance electric motors and have been continuously developed since 2008. The systems can also be used in an adapted form as development test benches in the research and development environment.

The EOL test benches are characterized by fully automatic set-up and contacting, leakage tests, performance tests and the possibility of autonomous operation. The test bench also enables flashing and residual bus simulation. Customized software can be installed, product data can be written and leakage tests can be carried out using vacuum and overpressure techniques. The test bench also offers performance tests, a vibration analysis with fault detection via acceleration sensors and the measurement of motor position sensors. The test cells are designed for both robot loading and manual loading, which ensures a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. With fully automatic robot loading, cycle times of less than 20 s are possible.