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Insulation mat gripper with support

The system was developed to remove insulation mats from Euro pallets and place them on dishwasher doors, using special grippers with kinematic properties to safely separate and precisely place the mats. The conveyor belt plays a crucial role in feeding material and positioning the mats to ensure a continuous workflow.


Insulation mats the size of Euro pallets are to be removed from pallets and placed on the interior doors of dishwashers.
The cycle time per part is 8 seconds.
As the system feeds material to the assembly line, the pallets should be able to be set down in advance so that there is no intermediate downtime when changing pallets.
The material supply should be prompted to load pallets by an optical signal.
The empty pallet is removed when unloaded without interrupting the work cycle.



The pallet is placed on the roller conveyor and moved fully automatically under the gantry. The pallet is positioned in this position.
Two special grippers move onto the stack of insulation mats and lift off one mat at a time. The special kinematics of the grippers enable the individual insulation mats to be peeled off the stack. The grippers then move over the conveyor belt via the gantry's cross slide and deposit the insulation mats there.
The conveyor belt now transports the insulating mats to the centering table, on which the workpiece is aligned to an accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.
Now a gripper takes the mat from here and places it on the positioned inner door of the dishwasher.
During the transfer, the conveyor belt stops and then moves on to the oven for one cycle.
The main problem was the absolutely secure separation of the insulation mat (the material is extremely sticky, especially in the warm season). This is ensured by an additional rolling movement of the gripper when lifting.