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KinRig - Technical software for automation and testing tasks

In addition to special machine construction, technical software is also one of our core competencies. With KinRig, Klotz has created a flexible product for both plant operators and plant manufacturers, with which automation and testing tasks can be implemented quickly and in a standardized manner.
2005 until today

As part of the diverse software tasks in testing and special machine construction, we have developed a Technical software with extensive standardized software libraries that can be used for new solutions. In the KinRig product from the subsidiary Kinmatec GmbH these solutions are made accessible to third parties in a convenient environment.

The KinRig framework makes it possible to implement all common tasks in the field of control and regulation technology without having to develop your own software. If the functional scope of KinRig is not sufficient, you can create your own functions - either with an integrated scripting language in KinRig itself or in underlying real-time systems.

The real-time kernel of KinRig (KinRig RT) runs in the real-time environment of TwinCAT 3.1 from Beckhoff. 

The KinRig user interface (HMI) runs on Windows 10, and automated update mechanisms are provided for Windows 11 and future Windows versions. When the next Windows is discontinued, you will be prepared. 

KinRig runs on a standard PC with at least 2 cores. 1 core is reserved for KinRig RT.

KinRig is already in use on many test systems and assembly lines worldwide. One major automotive supplier has even equipped all of its test systems worldwide with KinRig.

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