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Measured value acquisition computer for gears and crankshafts

A computer with analog-digital card was used to perform measurements of gears and crankshafts on involute and gear testing machines as well as roller testing machines semi-automatically, whereby the measurement results are displayed in diagrams on the screen or printer and can be archived on data carriers for quarterly evaluations and statistics. The parameters to be evaluated include flank shape, flank direction, surface line (only for crankshafts) and rolling test.


At a

a) Involute and gear testing machine
b) Roller testing machine

gears and crankshafts must be measured and evaluated with the aid of a computer. The measured values determined in this way must be visualized in the form of a diagram on a screen or printer.

The evaluated measurement data should be retained for quarterly evaluation and for statistics and then stored on a data carrier for archiving. Individual measured values must be retained for two days before they are deleted. The resulting target values of the respective test specimen must be stored in a test plan.

They must be evaluated:

a) Flank shape and flank direction

  • Shape deviation
  • Angular deviation
  • Total deviation


b) Crankcase line (only on the crankshaft)

  • Deviation of straightness


c) Rolling test

  • Rolling jump
  • Rolling deviation
  • Axial runout



A computer with an analog-digital card was used to record the measured values.

All measurements are semi-automatic.

The start signal for measuring is given by the measuring machine.

Once the measurement has been completed, the measurement diagram is displayed on the screen for visual inspection.

The target values specified in the test plan, the calculated actual values and the delta values of the actual values to the target values are written under the measurement diagram.

The same edge shape and edge direction are displayed on the screen as on the printout.