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Precision range

A universal pallet was developed to supply and dispose of sensitive cylindrical shafts in a flexible production cell. The pallet consists of a precise inner part and a robust outer part to ensure precision, robustness and low weight. It can be handled by various transport devices and enables precise positioning of the workpieces with a high load capacity.


A universal pallet is to be developed for the supply and disposal of a flexible production cell with cylindrical shafts, the surfaces of which are highly sensitive.
This pallet is to be used for the entire operation as a standardized storage and transport unit in a high-bay warehouse.

The pallet is transported using roller conveyor systems, forklift trucks and cranes.

The pallet must be stackable.

Shafts with diameters of 10 mm to 150 mm and lengths of 40 cm to 100 cm with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.5 mm must be made available to the loading and unloading robot of the flexible production cell.

The pallet must be able to bear a load of 600 kg. It should have the lowest possible tare weight.

These above-mentioned requirements demand high precision, which is maintained in a harsh production environment (forklift trucks).



The different requirements (precision, robustness and low weight) were met by separating the pallet into two main parts. The pallet, whose all non-load-bearing parts are made of aluminum, consists of a precise inner part and a robust outer part.

When the pallet is handled by hoists, forklifts and roller conveyors, only its outer frame is in contact with the transportation equipment. The inner part is resiliently suspended in the outer frame so that possible deformations from the outside do not affect the accuracy of the inner frame. For loading and unloading processes, the inner frame of the pallet is coupled with the operating stations so that the workpieces are precisely fixed in place.

The pallets are stacked on top of each other via the outer frame. This can be done with a crane or a forklift truck. Cast steel stacking aids guarantee safe stacking.

For placing the pallet on the floor and transport via roller conveyor systems, the outer frame has skids that are shaped to ensure safe guidance on the roller conveyor.

The prismatic workpiece holders are equipped with end stops and can be adjusted lengthwise.

The pallets are provided with identification flags to guide them through the entire operation.