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Radiation measuring device for drums with radioactive waste: Precise and safe

The radiation measuring device was specially developed for the precise inspection of 200-liter drums with radioactive waste and enables a thorough measurement of dose radiation. It can be used flexibly for drums with different diameters and can be transported through a 900 mm wide door. The device has a robust design, is easy to load and has 12 gamma sensors that can detect and record the dose rate during a complete rotation.
1997 until today

Our state-of-the-art radiation meter is specifically designed for testing drums of radioactive waste and provides an all-round check to accurately determine the dose radiation of each drum. The radiation meter includes a measuring slide and a PC, making it a comprehensive radiation measurement system.


The radiation measuring device has the task of examining 200-liter drums filled with contaminated material, which can weigh up to 1000 kg, for radiation. For a thorough measurement, each drum must complete a full rotation. The radiation measuring device is designed to accommodate two different drum diameters and its compact dimensions allow it to be transported through a 900 mm wide door.


The radiation meter is mounted on a robust 42 mm thick steel plate and measures 850 mm x 1300 mm x 1600 mm in its transport state. The rotating device of the radiation meter has a mounting ring with a 5-fold bearing and is driven by a toothed belt wrap. The rotation time can be infinitely adjusted between 200 and 2000 seconds.

The radiation meter can be easily loaded using a crane or forklift truck. For precise dose measurement, 12 gamma sensors are attached to the radiation meter in various arrangements, which measure and record the dose rate every 5° during rotation.