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Semi-automatic assembly press for seals and bearings in the steering housing

The semi-automatic assembly press enables radial shaft sealing rings, roller bearings and wipers to be pressed and greased into commercial vehicle steering housings, with sensors monitoring the placement and position of the components. Force- and displacement-monitored joining processes with graphic display ensure quality assurance. The press can be converted to different housing, bearing and sealing ring types, with tools and holders coded to prevent mix-ups.

The assembly press is used for pressing and greasing radial shaft sealing rings, roller bearings and wipers into the steering housing of commercial vehicle steering systems.

The placement and position of the components to be pressed are monitored by sensors.

All joining and press-fit processes are force/travel monitored to ensure compliance with and verification of quality standards. The joining processes are displayed graphically.

The assembly press can be converted for different types of housings, bearings and sealing rings.

To avoid confusion, all tools and holders are coded.