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Semi-automatic production system for the manufacture of decorative and trim rings

KLOTZ offers a semi-automatic solution for the production of decorative and trim rings, consisting of an automatic coil feeder, a cut-to-length device, a welding device and a roller unit. The coiler enables alternate feeding and precise coil measurements, while the cutting device specifies an exact length and cuts the strip burr-free. The welding device offers different variations and flexibility in coil size, and the roller unit enables precise drive and ejection of the coils.

Our semi-automatic production system enables the flexible and cost-effective series production of decorative, trim and housing rings for a wide range of applications.

Brief description of the workflow:

  • The work process begins with a fully automatic decoiler that pulls the strip through a strip deburrer. The belt is precisely measured, cut and trimmed burr-free in the electronically controlled trimming unit. The cut-to-length piece of belt is deposited in a container or a discharge chute.
  • The operator then takes the cut-to-length strip and inserts it into the welding machine, where it is tensioned and welded into a ring. The welded ring is then fed into the pneumatic-hydraulically controlled roll forming machine, where it is formed accordingly. The ring is ejected fully automatically and can be controlled to deposit the ring directly into a container. A positioned deposit for a downstream ring forming machine can also be integrated as an option.
  • All three systems can be operated by one person. For the production of larger quantities, an intermediate position can be switched on after welding. The roll forming machine is then operated by another person.

The machine consists of the following components:

1. automatic belt feed

The reel can be loaded alternately and has lateral guides to prevent damage to the belt. A slimline changeover gearbox enables simple belt changes and the speed can be switched via a lever. The coiler is equipped with cast aluminum coil guides and a contact plate-guaranteed, tension-free feed.

2. cutting device

An electronically driven feeding device enables precise length specification and burr-free cutting of the belt. The control unit is housed in a compact 19″ housing, which makes the system particularly space-saving.

3. welding device

Two variants are available, one emphasizes the diameter of the welded ring, the other enables an adjustable overlap regardless of the overall length of the belt. The system is equipped with a 40 kW transformer, digital welding control and its own cooling unit.

The entire system has a PLC control system, which can also be equipped with a pulse welding system.

4th roller unit

The DC-controlled roller mechanism enables precise speed adjustment to the belt quality and ring diameter. Ring ejection is fully automatic and can be controlled to deposit the ring into a container. Rollers and roller tools are made of high quality nitriding steel and the machine is equipped with a two-hand control for set-up and fully automatic operation.

Semi-automatic production system for the manufacture of decorative and trim rings