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Assembly technology

We have been building fully and semi-automatic assembly lines and test bays for more than 10 years and also assume overall responsibility for the realization of the turnkey system. The customer benefits from short communication channels and intensive, comprehensive support from our project managers.

The scope of services of the Assembly technology includes the design of the entire system, MTM analysis, layout, process design, parts tracking (RFID, data carriers, etc.), construction, software, solutions for reworking, calibration and MSA as well as worldwide service.

Joining, pressing, screwing, welding (including electrical contacts), ultrasonic welding, gluing (also with surface pre-treatment), filling, flanging, riveting and toxing are processes that have already been implemented. Depending on the requirements, assembly processes are solved conventionally or with the use of robots. The consideration of cleanliness and ESD criteria is a key requirement for many systems in order to achieve the desired quality.

As a rule, the solutions are fully assembled at Klotz and extensively tested with regard to all quality and performance features. Sample productions or customer testing tasks can be carried out in an ESD-compliant production environment before the system is relocated.

Confectioning bench for roller production

assembly bench for roller production

Peripheral device for robot assembly island

peripheral device for robot assembly island

Precision range

A universal pallet was developed to supply and dispose of sensitive cylindrical shafts in a flexible production cell. The pallet consists of a precise inner part and a robust outer part to ensure precision, robustness and low weight. It can be handled by various transport devices and enables precise positioning of the workpieces with a high load capacity.
precision range

Mounting device for cylinder heads

An assembly system for cylinder heads was developed and integrated to assemble cylinder liners and valve seat rings made of ceramic material into the heads, with automatic positioning and fixing, supported by a robot and magazine systems; the system is designed for three-shift operation.
assembly system for cylinder heads

Automatic belt feed

KLOTZ developed a coiler for a high-performance line that can be fed alternately without having to turn the coil. The lateral coil guides are made of cast aluminium and anodized, and the decoiler can accommodate coils with an outer diameter of up to 800 mm and a minimum inner diameter of 250 mm. A contact plate ensures tension-free feeding of the system, and a coil deburrer can be supplied on request.
automatic belt feeder