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Handling technology

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Mold gripper for interim storage of radioactive waste

A gripper system has been developed for handling radioactive waste in molds that operate at high temperatures of around 600 °C. This gripping system is characterized by its robust design, insensitivity to radiation, simple operation without auxiliary energy and good centering with different diameters. It offers the possibility of combining up to three functions, requires no lubricants and is easy to decontaminate.
gripping system for pellets

Handling system for oven loading and unloading of baking trays

The handling system is designed to remove enamel powdered baking trays from a trolley train, rotate them 180 degrees and place them on a firing chain, with flexible three-phase drives, electric swivel movements and pneumatic grippers that can be automatically adjusted to ensure precise handling with high adaptability. The system has been designed to withstand the heat load at 100°C on the part and enables accurate part delivery.
Handling system for enamel-powdered baking trays in high-performance systems

Lifting and centering table for enamel powder-coated baking tubes

lifting and centering table for enamel powder-coated baking tubes

Ultrasonic testing device with handling for series production

ultrasonic testing device with handling for series production

Insulation mat gripper with support

The system was developed to remove insulation mats from Euro pallets and place them on dishwasher doors, using special grippers with kinematic properties to safely separate and precisely place the mats. The conveyor belt plays a crucial role in feeding material and positioning the mats to ensure a continuous workflow.
insulation mat gripper with support