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KLOTZ combines robotics, classical mechanical engineering, IT, sensor technology, electrical engineering and computer science to develop customized mechatronic special machines. This integrated approach enables the creation of highly complex solutions for various applications.

End-of-line test bench for car steering systems 

These fully automated end-of-line (EOL) test benches for electromechanical car steering systems enable efficient, precise and flexible end-of-line testing and adjustment. This solution integrates testing and adjustment processes in one system and ensures high accuracy and efficiency. The test bench can set up and contact fully automatically, perform vibration analyses and enable customer-specific adjustments. The EOL test benches offer a cost-effective solution to the challenges of modern car steering production.
1982 until today
End of line test bench for car steering systems

End-of-line testing for high-performance electric motors 

Special test benches for high-performance electric motors enable fully automatic set-up, contacting, leakage and performance tests and autonomous operation. They offer flashing, residual bus simulation, customer-specific software installation as well as vacuum and overpressure leakage tests. With robotic or manual loading, high flexibility and efficiency with cycle times under 20 seconds.
2008 until today
End-of-line testing Powerpack

Fully automatic joining device for steering valves

The fully automatic joining device for steering valves is precisely designed for insertion into rack-and-pinion steering systems. With the help of an industrial robot, imaging and force torque sensors, force-monitored assembly takes place with greasing of the rack and feeding of the support bearing. This system integrates seamlessly into existing production lines, ensures high quality with a cycle time of just 23 seconds per steering valve and thus improves efficiency and quality assurance.
Fully automatic joining device for steering valves