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Truck steering systems

KLOTZ has been active in the assembly and testing of recirculating ball steering systems for many years. Innovative, comprehensive solutions and close cooperation with customers result in the quality that KLOTZ industrial partners expect from us. You can expect.

Final test bench for commercial vehicle steering systems

The final test bench for commercial vehicle steering systems carries out a comprehensive 100 % test of commercial vehicle steering systems at the end of an assembly line, including checking friction torque, efficiency, reverse torque, valve characteristics and internal leakage, as well as adjusting and testing final limiting valves.
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Assembly line for commercial vehicle steering systems

This assembly line is used for the manual assembly and testing of power steering systems for commercial vehicles.
assembly line for truck steering systems

Fully automatic screwing, measuring and adjustment stations in steering assembly

The steering assembly machines enable the screwing of housing covers, the measurement of axial play and the presetting of the friction torque for commercial vehicle steering systems in the assembly line, whereby automatic recognition of the steering types enables a smooth model change without manual intervention and the workpiece feed takes place via a conveyor belt.
Truck steering assembly line