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Keys to our Success

Dynamic innovation

We are constantly optimizing our operating processes, quick to integrate new technologies, and take pride in developing innovative solutions that will stand up to any real-world situation. This ensures we are always in a position to react quickly to changing market conditions and customer requirements.

Our employees

Qualified, highly motivated, experienced employees are our most valuable resource. Our employees like having varied, interesting responsibilities and dealing with challenges, and they enjoy having the power to make decisions and the chance to make their mark in the company. Our employees tend to stay here for much longer than average. Flattened hierarchies, lean organizational structures, excellent lines of communication and knowledge that is bundled into teams all allow our employees’ visions to become reality.

Company-wide knowledge management

We’ve turned “individual knowledge” into “company knowledge.” All project-related data, information and knowledge are automatically archived in an “electronic company memory” – our corporate information system. As a result, a large, permanently available “treasure trove” of experience and expertise has been built over the years. This benefits our customers in many ways: efficiency and effectiveness rise, processes are accelerated, services are optimized and thus costs are significantly reduced.

Teamwork and first-class expertise

We handle complex, large-scale issues in a global fashion, using the latest communications and information technologies to develop and produce solutions in networks. Our many contacts in scientific and research circles, along with our close cooperation with well-known industry partners, are at the heart of the customized solutions Klotz creates. For our customers, this means that you get complete technical solutions that are state-of-the-art or better.