Engine Test Bench, Mobile, for Complete Vehicles


A test stand had to be developed for testing engines of up to 150 kW.

The following aspects had to be taken into account:

  1. The test stand has to be mobile.
  2. The engine has to be linkable to the test facility in such a way that any engine could be flange-mounted after changing a mounting rest (total of 15 types).
  3. The clamping unit must be quick and easy to operate.
  4. The test stand has to be rated for a load of up to 7500 rpm
  5. The engine and hydraulic brake must be linked by a commercially available clutch, and the engine and brake must be easily disconnected, i.e. a rapid separation must be possible.
  6. The engine must be capable of starting without an external starting aid.
  7. The engine must be able to be held at the front by a quick-adjusting support.

The test stand must be capable of the following test jobs:

  • Performance measurement (torque, speed)
  • Oil temperature (inlet and outlet temperature)
  • Water temperature (inlet and outlet temperature)
  • Consumption measurement
  • Control characteristcs
  • Driving


The test facility was constructed on a rectangular-tube frame with 4 locking spindles and with rubber wheels during transportation.

In the centre section the structure for the measuring shaft, the bearings and the clutch is provided.

A bayonet fastener has been fitted in the outer section of the clutch bearings, using which the respective mounting plate is attached. This ensures that all loads with the exception of that from the engine output are passed onto the structure and so permits unimpaired measurement.

The hydraulic brake is connected to the measuring shaft by a cardan shaft on the rear.

A supporting device is provided on the test engine side. The device is adjustable in the X, Y, and Z axes.

The following units have been installed for performance measurement:

  • a hydralic brake, made by Schenck, model D 2101 E
  • a measurement and control unit for the oil temperature, supply and return lines
  • a measurement and control unit for the water temperature, supply and return lines
  • a fuel consumption measurement unit
  • measuring technology permitting operation of 4 different performance measurement programs
  • efficiency measurement unit