Fully Automatic Production Facility for Ornamental and Facing Rings

The KLOTZ Ornamental-Ring Automatic

Rapid, dimensionally accurate and, above all, inexpensive, fully automatic volume production of ornamental, facing and housing rings for a very wide range of applications


Quality based on precision

Our machine makes — fully automatically — dimensionally absolutely accurate rings of constantly high quality. Between the minimum diameter and the maximum diameter (see technical data), all ring sizes can be manufactured with different profiles. Switching to another diameter is carried out by simple exchange of the holders.
The ornamental-ring automatic provides in particular a solution to the problem that has existed to date, i.e. overlapping the ring ends, which decisively influences the quality of the rings. The machine does not only provide accurate overlapping of the ring ends, but also maintains the ring to size during welding (calibration of the diameter). This ensures a neat and uniform weld.


The result:

Precision weld, rings true to size, highest quality


Operation and control: simple and comfortable

A well-arranged and self-explaining control console makes the use of the machine simple and comfortable. As the whole process is fully automatic and the machine controls itself, a single person can operate several machines at a time. The machine works on the basis of a programmable controller and has remote maintenance capability.