Measuring Slide for Analysis of Radiation Spectrum of Contaminated Barrels


For storage purposes, contaminated material is filled in 200 l barrels. The radiation spectrum parallel to the barrel meter must be determined. To do so, a cryostatic detector is moved up and down the surface area of the barrel – up to 20 times during one barrel rotation. The device must be movable and fit through a 900 mm wide door.


The barrel measuring slide is built as a self-contained unit which is both electrically and mechanically coupled to the barrel meter. During one rotation of the barrel meter, the slide with the cryostatic detector moves up to 20 times up and down. The stroke rate can be set from 10 – 60 mm/sec, also the stroke length and the detector distance from the barrel wall can be set. In the movable condition, the dimensions of the device (width x length x height) are 800 x 1200 x 1850 mm.

During the measurement (1 rotation in 200 – 2000 sec), the dose rate is determined and recorded.