Radiation Measuring Unit for Barrels with Nuclear Waste

Radiation Measuring Unit for Barrels with Nuclear Waste, complete with measuring slide and PC (see also drum measuring instrument and measuring slide)


For storage purposes, contaminated material is filled in 200 l barrels. To determine the dose radiation of the single barrels, these must be checked all around. The barrels weigh up to 1000 kg. It must be possible to use two locating diameters. For carrying out the measurement, the barrel must perform one rotation. The unit must be movable and fit through a 900 mm wide door.


The measuring set-up and the rotation mechanism of the barrel meter is installed on a 42 mm thick steel plate. In the movable condition, the dimensions of the meter are (width x length x height) 850 x 1300 x 1600 mm.
The rotation mechanism consists of a locating ring with 5-bearing system. Drive is by a toothed belt around the locating ring. The direct-current motor permits a continuously adjustable rotation time of 200 – 2000 sec. An intermediate ring inside the locating ring allows 2 different barrel diameters. Loading can be done by means of a crane or a lift truck.

For dose measurement, there are 12 differently arranged gamma sensors on the meter. During the measurement, the dose rate is determined and recorded every 5°.