Ring Fitting Machine


The demand placed on the rim protection rings on enamelled pots have changed considerably in recent years. The protective rings have become a design element of the pot, and this means that the problems involved in fitting have also shifted in emphasis. It is no longer possible to crimp on the rings, as the reject rates are then too high and the appearance is not up to date. A new process therefore had to be developed.


The pot holder is seated on a vertical shaft driven by a variable-speed motor. The vertical motion necessary for the roll-in operation is supplied by a pneumatic / hydraulic cylinder. Precision in positioning (0.02 mm) is of central importance here. The signal is given by a proximity-type sensor. The travel distance is adjustable. The twin slide with top and bottom sections supports the rolling tool. With afine adjustment feature the rolling tool guide can be pressed into contact with the pot. This fine adjustment is necessary in order not to deform the ornamental ring or damage the enamel finish of the pot. The rolling-in process is achieved with a vertical stroke. This combination process ensures perfect fitting of the protective ring. A powerful electronic stored-program control unit (free programmable) is used to operate the facility. The control unit is accommodated in an insulated switchgear box and is thereby protected from environmental effects. All positions can be approached manually during the setting procedure. This optimizes the setup process, i.e. resetting takes less time and the reject rate is minimized. Furthermore, a cycle can be run fully automatically. A two-hand safety control feature ensures safe operation. The facility is designed for three-shift operation. The electronic speed control meets international standards.


Control and connections:

Control: electric/pneumatic/hydraulic
Sequence: semi-automatic
Time per cycle: appr. 4 s. without operation
Connected lesd: 220 V
Air connection: 1/2″, min. 5 bars

Workpiece dimensions:

Pot an lid diameter: 120 – 280 mm
Pot and lid heigth: 10 – 300 mm
(other dimensions on request)

Machine dimensions and weights:

Overall height: 1.80 m
Height up to working level: 0.75 m
Width: 0.80 m
Length: 1.40 m
Weight: appr. 400 kg