Semi-Automatic Production Facility for Ornamental and Facing Rings

Flexible production facility for rings

Rapid, dimensionally accurate and, above all, inexpensive, semi-automatic volume production of ornamental, facing and housing rings for a very wide range of applications.

Brief description of working process

  • The strip as unwound from a fully automatic reel is pulled through a strip deburring device. In an electronically controlled length cutting equipment, the strip is measured accurately and cut to length with no burr developing. The piece of strip cut to length is placed in a container or a discharge chute.
  • The operator takes the strip cut to length and puts it in the welding machine. There it is clamped and welded into a ring.
  • The welded part is placed by the operator in the pneumatically/hydraulically-controlled profiling machine. There the ring is shaped as desired.
  • Ring ejection is fully automatic and can be controlled such that the ring is placed directly in a container. An also available option is positioned putting down for a ring-fitting machine further down the line.
  • All three systems can be handled by one operator. For the production of higher quantities, an intermediate depositing area after welding can be provided. Then the profiling machine is operated by another person.