Steering Gear Test Bench with Double Drive Shaft


The test bench should perform manual and computer-controlled functional tests on mechanical and hydraulic steering gears. Both rack and pinion and recirculating ball steering gears have be tested with this. Clamping fixtures and coupling units should be easy to handle to provide high flexibility for changing the different types.

Following function tests are to be carried out:

  • steering angle
  • steering distance
  • pressure (hydraulic control)
  • oil leakage loss
  • hydropulse frequency
  • play measurement
  • steering-moment characteristic
  • friction-moment characteristic
  • pressure-steering wheel-moment characteristic
  • rack shifting-load characteristic
  • pressure allowance
  • bush play
  • pinion torque

Manual and computer-driven strength test:

  • input torque test as prescribed
  • input torque test until failure


To ensure required accuracy for friction moment and steering-gear rupture moment test stand had to be equipped with two measuring trains. Moments of approx. 0.5 to 50 Nm are measured in small measuring train. For moments of up to 750 Nm occurring during rupture test big measuring train is used. System is SPS controlled. During automatic operation integrated computer takes over test programme, data acquisition, preparation and output. Various steering gears may be tested on unit. Corresponding adapter devices are provided.

To test hydraulic steering gears test stand may be equipped with controllable oil supply assembly as well as reception device and drive of original oil pump.