Test Bench for Single and Continuous Tests of Axial Joints

The axial joint test bench subjects different axial joints to severe single and continuous load tests. Duty cycles, angular movements, temperature and air humidity can be preselected freely. Failure criterion is the axial play that develops or the breakage of the axial joint.

Technical brief description:

The test bench allows the simultaneous test of a maximum of 4 axial joints.
The axial load for each joint and the angular movement for all joints together are applied by servo-type hydraulic cylinders. The control of axial load and angular movement is optionally linear or sinusoidal.
Each test location has a separate support and individual test adapters. This allows simultaneous test of different axial joints.
The axial play is determined by measuring the movement between housing and joint bar at a given load on the axial joint. If a joint is defective, the corresponding cylinder is cut off. Time of failure, number of cycles and development of axial play are recorded.