Transmission Test Bench

The test bench serves to determine and test the control characteristic of automatic transmissions with hydraulic and electronic control.
The tests are carried out on steplessly variable automatic transmissions as well as on automatic multi-step transmissions for front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive and on special transmissions.

Static and dynamic test operation

In the static modes of operation, the test bench can be operated with torque regulation and speed regulation at both the input and output.
In the “road simulation” mode, motor torques are fed to the drive system by the host computer. The parameters for the output system (rolling resistance, air resistance, acceleration resistance, climbing resistance, additional static resistance) are processed by the road-simulation computer.
The test bench supplies the test piece with road and environmental data in the form of speed and torque values. Thus reproducible tests with simulated up- and downhill drive, kick-down acceleration, shift cycles at different transmission temperatures etc. can be carried out on the test bench, avoiding the installation of the test piece on a passenger car for the otherwise necessary road test.
To protect the test piece against damage, the test bench is additionally equipped with a starting and a stopping routine.