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Lift and Tilt Mechanism for enamel Coated Baking Boxes

Mould Gripper for Interim Storage of Radioactive Waste


For the disposal from nuclear power stations, it is necessary to seal the nuclear waste with glass and cast it in moulds. The handling of those moulds occurs in a manless system. This is aggravated by the fact that the temperature in the bottles is approx. 600 C.
For the handling of such moulds a gripper is to be engineered.


In cooperation with the KFK (Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe, i.e. Nuclear Research Centre at Karlsruhe) the gripper system was made as follows:

  • modular system which covers all required applications
  • combination of up to three functions possible
  • operation without auxiliary energy
  • simple, rugged design
  • no wear parts
  • no lubricants required
  • insensitive to radiation (high-grade-steel construction)
  • good decontamination properties
  • can be used at increased temperatures
  • good centering with all diameters, due to wide openings and low center of gravity
  • long actuation travels, so actuation cannot go unnoticed
  • mechanical interlock of the gripper arms until actuation

Ultrasonic Test Bench with Handling Means for Volume Production