Production and Manufacturing Equipment

Production and manufacturing equipment was where it all began for Klotz and continues to be a field we are highly proficient in, for example with the fully-automated Klotz ornamental and facing ring production system which is legendary around the world in the house wares industry.
Even before the measurement and testing technology and then later on the assembly technology became important pillars of the company, we were developing and building many solutions in the production and fabrication technology field. This is why the name Klotz also plays a special role in the house wares industry. The semi- and fully¬-automatic production and assembly systems for ornamental and facing rings in particular were a worldwide export hit as early as in the 70s and 80s. Another example is the Klotz cake tin production system, which produces cake tins around the clock with cycle times of 4 seconds or less.
Klotz is also renowned in the household appliance sector: The main systems implemented in this sector were for punching and hole-making technology.

Fully Automatic Production Facility for Ornamental and Facing Rings

The KLOTZ Ornamental-Ring Automatic

Rapid, dimensionally accurate and, above all, inexpensive, fully automatic volume production of ornamental, facing and housing rings for a very wide range of applications


Quality based on precision

Our machine makes — fully automatically — dimensionally absolutely accurate rings of constantly high quality. Between the minimum diameter and the maximum diameter (see technical data), all ring sizes can be manufactured with different profiles. Switching to another diameter is carried out by simple exchange of the holders.
The ornamental-ring automatic provides in particular a solution to the problem that has existed to date, i.e. overlapping the ring ends, which decisively influences the quality of the rings. The machine does not only provide accurate overlapping of the ring ends, but also maintains the ring to size during welding (calibration of the diameter). This ensures a neat and uniform weld.


The result:

Precision weld, rings true to size, highest quality


Operation and control: simple and comfortable

A well-arranged and self-explaining control console makes the use of the machine simple and comfortable. As the whole process is fully automatic and the machine controls itself, a single person can operate several machines at a time. The machine works on the basis of a programmable controller and has remote maintenance capability.

Semi-Automatic Production Facility for Ornamental and Facing Rings

Flexible production facility for rings

Rapid, dimensionally accurate and, above all, inexpensive, semi-automatic volume production of ornamental, facing and housing rings for a very wide range of applications.

Brief description of working process

  • The strip as unwound from a fully automatic reel is pulled through a strip deburring device. In an electronically controlled length cutting equipment, the strip is measured accurately and cut to length with no burr developing. The piece of strip cut to length is placed in a container or a discharge chute.
  • The operator takes the strip cut to length and puts it in the welding machine. There it is clamped and welded into a ring.
  • The welded part is placed by the operator in the pneumatically/hydraulically-controlled profiling machine. There the ring is shaped as desired.
  • Ring ejection is fully automatic and can be controlled such that the ring is placed directly in a container. An also available option is positioned putting down for a ring-fitting machine further down the line.
  • All three systems can be handled by one operator. For the production of higher quantities, an intermediate depositing area after welding can be provided. Then the profiling machine is operated by another person.

Fully Automatic Production Facility for Cake Tins (Springform Pans)

The fully automatic machine is intended for rapid and economic production of complete cake tins (without bottom) of constantly high quality.

This facility solves above all the frequent problem of quality fluctuations and resulting production troubles. The surface finish of the final product meets maximum requirements. In addition, a substantial increase in productivity is achieved as a result of the very good cycle time of up to 4 seconds.

Due to the short resetting times – only the tool set has to be changed — even small batches can be produced economically. The facility is designed for 3-shift operation and can be operated by one person.

CNC Polishing Plant for Rollers