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Handling System for Charging/Discharging Furnaces with Enamel Coated Baking Boxes


From Power-and-Free plant enamel-powdered baking cases are to be taken off centralized gripper gang. After disengaging cases from grips they are to be turned by 180 degr. They are then to be lowered onto continuous burner line with their open side up.
Automatic control of gripping power is required. Cycle time is 3.6 cases/min. When leaving burner cases must be gripped, taken off burner line and handed over to belt conveyor. Thereby cases must be lifted approx. 150 mm, turned by 90 degr. and d eposited. Each handling unit is to be mounted independently on travelling cart. Construction is to be adapted to local conditions.

Chaotic handling of various case types is required, positioning accuracy near v = 2.88 m/min., freely adjustable from 1.5 to 3 m/min.
All parts must be freely accessible for inspection. Parts subject to wear must be quickly interchangeable. Moving parts must be protected from enamel powder. F or electrical and control equipment following requirements must be met:
All lines of one module are united in one connection box. From there connetion lines (flexible and plug-in type) lead to switch cabinet. Each handling unit has separate switch cabinet holding S5-115U PC control with CP 526 communication processor. Operation programme is programmed with graph 5.
All units are designed for thermal load 100 °C.


For reasons of inspection and costs ground devices were chosen, i.e. devices are mounted on electrically driven travelling cart. For all swivelling and travelling movements controllable three-phase motors are used ensuring high adaptability. Due to local conditions plant was designed for variable suspension of monitor to make it available at all positions.
Adhesion of enamelling powder to baking case being low, soft depositing was one of the main technical problems to be solved. Spotting accuracy is a further asset of the system.
Gripper are pneumatically driven with automatic pressure control.
To meet the required high standard of control equipment latest judgments and possibilities in the field were considered.
For SP control S5-series 115-U was chosen. Communication processor CP-526 serves as data display interface for process operation and observation. One monitor with operating keyboard is constructed as command console since CP-526 processor incorporates complete electronic system.

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