Technical Software

Within the framework of the varied software tasks in the field of testing and custom mechanical engineering, we have developed a comprehensive standardised software library which we can draw on to develop new solutions. These solutions are made available to third parties in an easy to use environment through KinRig, a product by our subsidiary Kinmatec GmbH.
The KinRig framework makes it possible to implement all common software and control technology tasks without developing your own software. And custom functions can also be created if the functionality provided by KinRig shouldn’t suffice on occasion – either using a scripting language integrated in KinRig itself or in the underlying real-time systems.
The KinRig real-time core (KinRig RT) runs in the real-time environments of Windows CE (Microsoft), TwinCAT 3.1 (Beckhoff) or WinAC (Siemens).
The KinRig user interface (HMI) runs on Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit). Automated update mechanisms are provided for Windows 8 and future Windows versions. You are prepared when the next Windows version is announced.
KinRig runs on a standard PC with at least 2 cores. 1 core is reserved for KinRig RT.
KinRig is already used in many testing systems and assembly lines around the world. A large automotive industry supplier has even equipped all their testing systems around the world with KinRig.


In addition to special machinery technical software is one of our core competencies. With KinRig Klotz has created a flexible product for both, operators of equipment and equipment constructors. By means of KinRig automation tasks and testing tasks can be implemented quickly and standardized.