Truck Steering Systems

Klotz has been active in the assembly and testing of recirculating ball steering systems for many years. Innovative, comprehensive solutions and working closely with the customers result in the level of quality which Klotz industrial partners expect from us. And can expect.

End-of-Line Test Station for Commercial Vehicle Steering

Fully Automatic Screwing, Measuring and Setting Station for Steering Gear Assembly

The steering assembly machines are used for type-dependent bolting of housing covers, measurement of axial play and presetting of the frictional torque on commercial vehicle steering gears in the assembly line. Automatic identification of the steering gear types enables types to be changed without manual intervention.

The facility is part of an assembly line for commercial vehicle steering gears and is intended for the type-specific screwing of housing covers, measurement of axial play and presetting of friction torque.

Automatic identification of the steering gear types allows changes of types without manual operations.

Workpiece feeding is by a belt conveyor which passes through the stations.

Assembly Line for Commercial Vehicle Steering Gears

This assembly line serves to manually assemble and test power steering gears for commercial vehicles.

Semi-Automatic Assembly Press for Seals and Bearings in the Steering Gear Housing

The assembly press serves to press into the steering gear housing of commercial vehicles radial shaft seal, roller bearing and wiper and apply grease to these.

Placement and position of the components to be pressed in are monitored with sensors.

All fitting and pressing operations are load/travel-controlled to satisfy and demonstrate quality standards. The fitting processes are indicated graphically.

The assembly press can be converted to different types of housings, bearings, and sealing rings. To exclude mix-up, all tools and holding fixtures are coded.


Test Bench for Truck Steering Gears (Recirculating Ball Steering Gears)

The test bench serves for a 100 % check on commercial vehicle steering gears at the end of an assembly line. After the steering gear has been filled with oil and run in, friction torque characteristic, efficiency, reverse-steering-motion torque, valve characteristic and internal leakage are tested. Lock stop valves are set and tested.