Patience and Diplomatic Skill

Business with China

How does a small to medium-sized capital goods manufacturer find a market for its products in China? Xiaohong Han, lady student of business engineering, has prepared a detailed answer for the machine builder Klotz.

China is far away. Not only geographically. In spite of all modern means of communication, language and cultural differences make the way to one of the world’s most prosperous economies cumbersome.

Reliably exploring the market and market opportunities on its own, is often a first, high obstacle for a medium-sized firm. Far less than the majority of the Chinese companies are represented on the Internet or have an English-language web site. Fax and telephone? Those who did business with China quite some time ago will find that frequently the former business partners can no longer be reached. The reason is that the Chinese telephone network and the phone numbers have changed.

For Xiaohong Han, these are difficulties she easily overcomes. For the 27-year-old student – who is currently finishing a Master’s degree in business engineering at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences – a market analysis, which she did in the course of an internship for the machine builder Klotz, was an easy job.

“To us as an export-oriented machine building company, the Chinese market is attractive”, says General Manager Peter Klotz. “Thanks to Ms. Han’s work, we now have sound data and have established initial contacts in order to explore our sales opportunities and create a promising strategic option.”

“Who wants to be successful in doing business in China, should in any case become familiar with the Chinese culture”, recommends the future business engineer Han. “And even rudimentary knowledge of the language can work miracles. In addition, much patience and high diplomatic skill are required. Chinese enjoy bargaining. So contract negotiations can often be a very lengthy matter.”

The Bavarian specialist for measuring technology, automation, and special-purpose machine building supports junior staff from natural sciences and engineering sciences and offers the possibility to write specific graduation papers in the company itself. Additionally, at Klotz GmbH students are given an insight into the business practice of an innovative, small to medium-size firm in the course of an in-house internship.

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