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Assembly machine for rings

The ring assembly machine was developed to meet the changing requirements for the edge protection ring in glass-lined pots, using a combination process that enables precise assembly of the protection ring and is controlled by a powerful electronic PLC controller.


The requirements for the rim protection ring on enameled pots have changed considerably in recent years. The protective ring has become a design element of the pot. As a result, the problems associated with installation have also changed. Crimping the ring is no longer possible, as the number of rejects is far too high and the design has become outdated. A new process therefore had to be developed.



The pot holder sits on a vertical axis that is driven by an adjustable motor.

The vertical movement required for rolling up is carried out by a pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder. The accuracy of the positioning (0.02 mm) is of crucial importance here.

The signal is given by a non-contact sensor.

The path is adjustable.

The double carriage with upper and lower carriage carries the rolling tool. The rolling tool guide can be pressed against the pot by means of a fine adjustment. This fine adjustment is necessary to avoid deforming the decorative ring and damaging the pot enamel.

The rolling-in process takes place by means of a vertical lift.

This combination process ensures perfect installation of the protective ring.

A powerful electronic PLC control system (freely programmable) is used to operate the system. The control system is housed in an insulated switch box and is therefore protected against environmental influences.

All positions can be controlled manually during the setting process. This optimizes the set-up process, i.e. shortens the set-up time and minimizes waste. Furthermore, a cycle can be completed fully automatically.

A two-hand safety control ensures safe operation.

The system is designed for 3-shift operation.

The electronic speed control complies with international standards.