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Handling system for oven loading and unloading of baking trays

The handling system is designed to remove enamel powdered baking trays from a trolley train, rotate them 180 degrees and place them on a firing chain, with flexible three-phase drives, electric swivel movements and pneumatic grippers that can be automatically adjusted to ensure precise handling with high adaptability. The system has been designed to withstand the heat load at 100°C on the part and enables accurate part delivery.


From this Handling systemone Power-and-free systemenameled baking trays must be removed from a centered trolley train with a gripper hanger. After being gripped and removed from the hanger, the crates must be rotated by 180°. The crates must then be placed on the continuously running firing chain with the opening facing upwards.

The gripping force of the grippers must be automatically adjustable. The cycle time, i.e. the sequence of pieces, is 3.6 baking trays/min. After the enameling furnace, the parts must be gripped, removed from the firing chain and transferred to a belt conveyor. The part is lifted approx. 150 mm, swiveled by 90° and deposited immediately.

Each handling device must be secured separately to the floor with the trolley. The design must be adapted to the local conditions.

It must be possible to drive several types chaotically.

Positioning accuracy at v = 2.88 m/min, adjustable 1.5 to 3 m/min.

All units must be easily accessible for maintenance purposes. It must be possible to replace wearing parts quickly.

The moving parts must be protected against enamel dust.

The following points had to be observed for the electrical and control systems:
The cables of each module must be combined in a terminal box. From there, connecting cables (flexible and pluggable) lead to the control cabinet. Each handling device has its own control cabinet with an S5-115 U PC controller with a CP 526 communication processor. The sequence program must be programmed with Graph 5.

The appliances must be designed for a permanent thermal load of 100 °C on the part.



For maintenance and cost reasons, the decision was made to use floor-mounted devices, i.e. the devices run on an electrically driven trolley.

All swivel movements and travel movements are electrically equipped with adjustable three-phase drives. This ensures a high degree of adaptability.

The local conditions made it necessary to design the system in such a way that the screen could be hung variably and made available for any location.

Enamel powder has only a low static adhesion to the part, so soft touchdown was a major problem with the whole handling technique.

The system is also able to file accurately.

The grippers themselves are pneumatically driven, and the pressure can be automatically adjusted to the part via regulators.