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Technical software

In addition to special machine construction, Klotz also offers Technical software solutions on. KinRig, a flexible product, enables fast and standardized implementation of automation and testing tasks. New solutions can be developed efficiently using extensive standardized software libraries. KinRig offers a convenient environment for the realization of control engineering tasks without the need for in-house software development. KinRig's real-time kernel runs on various real-time environments, while the user interface works on Windows 7 and will be updated for future Windows versions. With KinRig, test systems can be operated worldwide, which is already being used by major automotive suppliers.

KinRig - Technical software for automation and testing tasks

In addition to special machine construction, technical software is also one of our core competencies. With KinRig, Klotz has created a flexible product for both plant operators and plant manufacturers, with which automation and testing tasks can be implemented quickly and in a standardized manner.
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